Our Story


Our Beginnings

Positive Wellness Australia was founded in early 2016 by Mim Dade, a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist with a true belief to encourage and elevate the collective experience of wellness. We are the sum of our parts; a family of supportive caring individuals working together, each contributing to a brighter beacon of light and the garden of eden within us!

Our Ethos

We believe that kindness and compassion are the most powerful tools for transformation & inspired healing. We believe that once healing occurs we are able to rise and shine, radiating positive influence to the world around us We value integrity, community and responsibility to the environment around us. We believe in working together to create a greater good

Our Offerings

Positive Wellness is a platform for change. Each product we use has been handpicked by our accredited practitioners to help conjure a positively thriving mind body and spirit, through inspired healing as a way of being aligned with nature’s wisdom.

Mim Dade

Mim is a fully qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, health expert & mentor . Mim brings over 20+ wonderful years of experience working within the  health, healing and wellness space to the clinic. She holds a warm, grounded nourishing all inclusive space for her clients.

Mim is deeply encouraged and inspired to help others to reconnect with their innate ability to heal. Mim guides clients to unlock the root causes of each individuals health & wellbeing challenge to unearth long-term vitality and wellness.

Her practice is in restorative medicine, weaving clinical techniques such as functional medicine & testing, evidence based + herbal medicine, therapeutic nutritional guidance with lifestyle tools to support health with a a view grounded in wellness. Her healing philosophy is based on holistic ideals that the body will heal itself given the right environment.

Mim enjoys working in all aspects of health, with particular key interest in fertility and hormone health,  gut health & digestive imbalances, adrenal fatigue and burn out, thyroid health + autoimmune expressions & deep custom cleansing.


Victoria Slyderink
Naturopath (Student)

Victoria Slyderink is a Naturopath in Training! With a background in Functional Nutrition, she received specialised training in diets for holistic health management, autoimmune and other chronic conditions and is a experienced Paleo Culinarian having completed training in the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. Victoria is currently studying cell biology and the mitochondria.

Victoria writes a Natural Living Blog as a result of healing naturally from Autoimmune Graves disease. During this journey she gained complete remission from Graves Autoimmune disease, re-balanced her system to alleviate long term Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue, with a huge emphasis on diet and what we eat being a factor to superior gut health & genuine healing from an Autoimmune condition. 

She also writes articles about various health topics, and works as a health coach (and foodie!), her passion is to help people create health for themselves by guiding them to the root of their health issues, while offering support and accountability along the way. She believes that the foundations of health – whole food, quality sleep, movement, and self-care – are all crucial for living your best life, and that the whole person and their lifestyle should always be considered at the foundations for health and healing.



Our Administration team is an important part of running the clinic and keeping things moving along which we can’t do without Michelle.

Michelle is calm, caring and exudes warmth in all that she does. Her passion for healthy living is only parallel to her nature of compassion for the clients who visit the clinic.

To inspire healing we encourage community, and it starts right here at the front door, in Highfields, just a short drive from Toowoomba. Michelle loves to connect people and remembers the small details, which we think are usually the most important ones. Michelle is our rock and keeps all things moving, We appreciate her!